Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Which culture is crime most prevalent and accepted?

-Aziz ASDec 16, 2009Just ponder...when we hear or read about maid abuse (especially of Indonesian maids), kidnapping for huge ransoms, organised contraband smuggling, gang rivalries, smuggling and distribution of opium, hard drugs or designer pills , illegal betting , gambling , prostitution and 'ibu ayam' (pimping), pirated DVDs ,brutal slayings, hired gunmen, do we think of the Malays (whether as individuals or otherwise) ?
Add to the list the latest busting of a family involved in the despicable act of 'manufacturing' babies for sale in Banting, Selangor...
There are many types of corruption but the ones linked to brutality and violence are not normally associated with the Malay society . At worst, Malays resort to bomohs to seek revenge, something no one can be very certain if that is an effective way of acting out vengeance.
Henceforth, the blinkered racial bigots whose eyes are ONLY set on the Malays for any wrongdoings under the sun ought to be more objective. It is a fact that Chinatowns anywhere in the world are associated with the criminal, organised underworld.
What has the Chinese of this country done to get away from that image? Can we not shake off such dark cultural associations? No, we is very difficult when the majority still directly or indirectly condones such things, either by being apathetic or plain disregard.
Why can't we look inwards at our own society and community and start building a new and positive cultural image...crime is never part of any cultural makeup. It is merely a crude exploitation of a society's weaknesses, which the elders and wise omit to address.
Just imagine, with such thick criminal traits within certain spectrum of society, what will happen if they gain political power?
The ramifications can be intelligently predicted.

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